about me

Get to know me a little better

Hi, I'm Keri Fedorchuk.

I am a birth & family photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm a homemaker, Jesus follower, a momma to two sweet little boys, and a wife to one amazing man. Before becoming a mother, I rarely stepped out in front of a camera (unless it was for the occasional selfie or two!) and in doing so, I missed out on memories I could have captured for my children to see in the future. I've learned that life passes by very quickly, and there are some memories I know one day I would have forgotten had it not been for these precious photos.

Here's A Few Of Those Photos

Our First Kiss

Well, technically this wasn't our first kiss, but my husband and I didn't share our first kiss until this very moment! We dated without ever "stealing a kiss" from each other and wanted to have this moment for our family and friends to remember! We wanted our first kiss to be witnessed by the people we love most, as a testimony to our marriage. I love this photo dearly and I love the way my husband had to basically double over to kiss me (hello huge height difference)!

The Day My First Child Was Born

Not the most flattering photo, bear with me! Now of course this photo isn't professionally taken, it was taken on my husband's phone just moments after our first child was born. At first, I didn't even want my husband to take photos, it was a hard labour and I felt awful. But since then, I have always regretted not getting more photos of this moment (or the moments leading up to it). Our son was an answer to a lot of ours and our family's prayers. I'm grateful to have this photo at the very least.

Then There Were Two

2 weeks after welcoming our second child, I broke out my camera for the first time in a long while and was determined to take some photos. My firstborn wasn't so keen on being near his new brother, but after some convincing (and a little bribing) I was able to capture this sweet photo. It is my absolute favourite and I'm so happy that I have a beautiful picture of my two beautiful boys.